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About GSA

Get Skilled Access was founded in 2016 by multiple Wheelchair Tennis Grand Slam Champion, Paralympian, disability advocate and Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott AO.

 We are an Australian Disability Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE), majority owned, operated, and led by people with disability and real-life experience of disability.

Why us

Our vision is inclusion, choice and control for all people with disability, achieved through living our purpose of creating a new generation of disability inclusion that is equitable for all.

GSA lives and breathes the enablement of engaging with people with disability. 

Disability Driven

Coles Own Brand have identified the opportunity to increase dignified and equitable access to their products for customers with a disability. Coles Own Brand would like to better understand how shoppers with a disability experience their products in everyday customer shopping scenarios. Get Skilled Access recommends User Experience testing in the form of focus groups allowing people with disability to interact and review Own brand products. This process can provide an immediate understanding of the needs and wants of shoppers with disability.

The Roadmap

Image of a Road map for the coles own brand delivery

Our approach

Desktop Review & Session Design

A desktop review will be conducted to understand the current state of Coles Own Brand products. GSA will review documents provided by Coles, local and international best practice and utilise data and findings from previous projects GSA have conducted that are relevant to this project. The Desktop Review will allow GSA to learn and understand Coles Own Brand products, design focus group structure, and select key Own Brand products to focus on. GSA will work with key Coles stakeholders to determine what relevant information can be shared to assist in the desktop process.

Focus Groups & 1:1 interviews

The focus group research will be designed and conducted by two Get Skilled Access (GSA) consultants who are individuals with disability and lived experiences of disability. The consultations will target a cross-section of shoppers with a disability, and GSA will target individuals through strategic partnerships with key disability networks to participate in the focus groups. Throughout the process, will bring the intern from the Own Brand team will be brought into the project to work on each stage of the project.

We recommend 4 x 90-minute Focus Groups with 6-8 participants per group.

As a part of the design phase, GSA will develop a set of questions that typically speak to how shoppers will engage Coles Own Brand Products. To test the products, we will design a set of UX testing questions to gain a greater understanding of how people with disability interact with different products at different shopper touchpoints. GSA 

Focus groups must have a broad representation of people with disability and will target facilitation in specific disability groups to ensure that we are harnessing key themes across shared access experiences. 

The primary focus is to understand how accessible the Coles Own Brand products are for targeted focus group participants to understand the most effective use for improving universal access.

*Participants will be compensated for their time with Coles gift cards

Report and findings

The research outcome is to understand how shoppers with disability interact with Coles Own Brand products. The insights collated will highlight accessibility issues and identify universal opportunities to increase dignified and equitable across touch points of the customer experience.

The Report will influence future design, delivery and decision making

  • Product design
  • Product haptics
  • Product language
  • Product material
  • Product brand identity

Leaders Immersive Session

Immersive Experiences | Disability Consulting | Get Skilled Access

GSA team members with disability will socialise the report findings and design elements to immerse 20 senior leaders in interacting with the Own Brand Products. The 90 minute experience will help senior leaders to explore and interact with the Own Brand products with a view of what it is like for people with disability.

You’ll team up with GSA Associates with real life disability experience to identify barriers, problem solve and identify opportunities to increase inclusion.

Your team will come away with actionable ways to be more inclusive. They’ll be out of their comfort zone in the most productive way possible. And afterwards, they’ll feel confident enough to make a change.

Sometimes you’ve got to see things from a different perspective to change mindsets, and the immersive session will create broader buy in to deliver more accessible products to customers with disability. 



Sarah Kerr

Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Capability & Culture


  • Desktop Review
  • Desktop Review
  • Focus Groups & Interviews
  • Report
  • Leaders Immersive Session
  • Total investment
    * Exc GST - Gift cards additional cost $1,600

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