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The Field is a new job site that is built by and for people with disability that actively connects people with disability with jobs from inclusive employers.

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The Field exist to knock down employment barriers, and connect people with disability who want to work with organisations that want to hire more inclusively.

Employment equality for people with disability has not changed in over 28 years. Despite the widely documented skills shortage in Australia, over 500,000 working-age people with disability are currently actively looking for work. The concept for the Field was born when the Federal Government challenged Get Skilled Access to close that employment gap. The Get Skilled Access team drew on their real-life disability experience to invent the Field as an innovative and game-changing solution.

At the Field, nothing is done for people with disability, without people with disability. At the forefront of who we are at the Field, and in everything we do, we are designed, led and driven by people with disability.

The job site is more than simply connecting candidates with employers. The Field’s solution is innovative, accessible, and trustworthy for people with disability. We have given hiring managers a tool that removes barriers and equips them and their organisations to hire more inclusively, while unlocking incredible talent across all industries, roles, and levels of experience.

The Field grew from a Get Skilled Access think tank and would not exist without the expert knowledge and guidance of the Get Skilled Access team. The Field’s values, beliefs and ways of working were all developed in close collaboration with Get Skilled Access, guided by their many years of experience as disability inclusion consultants.

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