About GSA.

What would your organisation achieve if it welcomed every ability?

At GSA, we’re not just consultants; we’re people with disability, lived experience of disability and allies of disability inclusion. Along with our extensive array of professional skill sets, this authenticity infuses our process, making us uniquely positioned to guide your organisation on its inclusive journey. We understand that every organisation is on a unique path, and we’re here to guide you through it. While we are the experts in disability inclusion, we also understand that you know your business better than anyone else. That is why our approach is one of co-design. We call you in, not out. We work alongside you to create a pathway that suits you and your organisation’s objectives. Our partnership is your compass to navigate towards sustainable change, creating an equitable and dignified experience for all. Our sessions offer a safe space where participants can comfortably ask questions they might’ve hesitated to voice before. We firmly believe that changing misconceptions starts with open dialogue. Our targeted sessions empower your team, showcasing your commitment to disability inclusion and boosting confidence. We partner with our clients to provide genuine, tangible, and engaging experiences that drive inclusion, productivity, and profitability. Join us in reshaping the present and the future of disability inclusion; GSA is your ally in making it happen.

“I would be wasting my life if I won 20 grand slams and that’s all I did. I love the ability to help people. I don’t get out of bed every day to play to win a tennis tournament… it provides me with a platform to do what I really want. To continue to change the perceptions around disability.” – 

Dylan Alcott OAM

At the core:
Our values

Positive and Passionate

We bring people on the journey

We celebrate people and projects

We have challenging conversations

We focus on soltutions


Constantly curious to innovate

We work smart and make an impact

We seek to understand

We leverage learning opportunities

We challenge norms


Disability at the forefront of decision making

We call in, not out

We drive positive outcomes for people with disability

We use lived experience to drive decision making

We ensure people with disability are leading, guiding and making decisions


Work hard whilst having fun

We embrace a range of working styles

We build positive connections

We maintain a light-hearted and respectful approach to our work

We look out for each other


Real life disability experience, delivered by real-life people with disability.

Let’s start a

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