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User experience workshops

Give everyone a fair go  Test your product, service or concept with a diverse cohort of people with disability. Perhaps you want to check if

Digital audits WCAG 2.1

People with disability have the right to access your products and services online just like everyone else. Digital accessibility audits highlight barriers that may be

Access audits

Dignified and Universal Design Here, we review your physical environment to assess if it meets inclusivity and accessibility standards. Our audits offer advice and opportunities

Facilitated sessions / webinars

In-person sessions There is nothing like walking in the shoes of someone else to understand what they require. We collaborate with you to create an

Immersive experiences

Experience it. Understand it. Sometimes, it’s good to get out of the boardroom to see what’s really happening. With an Immersive Experience, your Executive Team

Online training

Tailored videos We work closely with you to understand your goals. Then we script, produce and edit videos to deliver that outcome.  Watch out Hollywood!


“A job for a person with disability isn’t just about money. It’s a sign of independence and a way to let the world know we’re

Inclusion Action Plans

Time to hit the road A Disability Inclusion Action Plan is your access and inclusion roadmap. Our focus goes beyond a ‘compliance’ approach to seek


Give everyone a fair go  Build an inclusive culture, and your employees can feel as comfortable and authentic at work as they do at home.


When you don’t know what you don’t know… turn to experts It can be intimidating to approach an issue you don’t have experience with, and

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