Online Disability Inclusion Training

Tailored videos

We work closely with you to understand your goals. Then we script, produce and edit videos to deliver that outcome. 

Watch out Hollywood! In our signature GSA style, tailored videos bring a disarming breath of fresh air to online learning that can be delivered across your entire organisation, no matter how large or small. 

Relevant content builds confidence

You know the feeling when someone is talking ‘at’ you rather than ‘to’ you? We feel training has the best impact when it’s designed for the person watching. 

This allows us to adjust our learnings, examples and language so they feel relevant to your organisation. And build understanding and confidence more effectively as a result.

Bitesize modules

Dip a toe into the disability space. This foundation training acts as an entry point and introduction to disability, accessibility and inclusion fundamentals. 

We offer foundation learning as a great starting point to prepare you for more targeted training.

For a high reach with high impact, they’re suitable for a wide-ranging audience including casual staff, contractors and volunteers. We offer the option to purchase a per-head license from us or embed our modules into your own online learning platform and systems.

Foundation modules 

  • Disability and accessibility: understanding the difference 
  • Culture and language of disability
  • Working with people with disability  
  • Accessibility in operations

Recruitment modules

  • Attracting talent: recruiting people with disability  
  • Interviewing talent: meeting candidates with disability 
  • Hiring talent: onboarding people with disability 

Your team will have the tools and increased understanding to be confident to be more inclusive of people with disability. 

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