Inclusive Culture Review

Give everyone a fair go 

Build an inclusive culture, and your employees can feel as comfortable and authentic at work as they do at home. Minus the ugg boots. An inclusive culture gives everyone an equal chance to contribute and succeed. It’s more than just the right thing to do. People working in inclusive teams are 10x more likely to be highly effective than workers in non-inclusive teams. (Source Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018, The State of Inclusion in the Australian Workforce, The Diversity Council, 2018). This sense of belonging, respect and value means everyone can feel their best and most authentic self at work. 

Our tool. Your culture. 

Your existing engagement assessment might not be asking the right questions to drive better inclusion. Our Inclusive Culture Review measures systems, processes, behaviours and beliefs which shape the way people interact within your organisation. Developed by people with lived experience of disability, and through extensive research, we built our E-FACTOR tool to specifically measure inclusive organisational culture. 

Culture can be hard to define, E-FACTOR takes the subjectivity out of it. Our tool measures seven critical values that create inclusivity: Empathy, Fairness, Accountability, Curiosity, Trust, Openness, Respect.[1]

Designed for your organisation

First up, we’ll get to grips with your objectives and goals. Our qualitative and quantitative assessments include key team member interviews, focus groups to find the stories behind the data and the E-FACTOR on-line assessment tool. With this information, we’ll define what values you excel at, and where you could make impactful change.

Paint the full picture

You might have assumptions about what’s working, but data has the proof. E-FACTOR offers a holistic look at where you’ll get the best return on your time and inclusive culture investment. 

Create cultural change

People engage with your organisation based on its culture. Without inclusivity at its core, other changes won’t stick. With a more inclusive culture, you’ll invite all forms of diversity into your organisation.

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