Privacy, Confidentiality and Child Safety

Get Skilled Access (GSA) is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and therefore welcome feedback on our services relating to them. To provide comment or make a complaint, please follow the below instructions:

To make a comment or complaint

Send your comment or complaint to or contact 1800 329 049.

You can also contact us via the Contact Form on the Get Skilled Access website.

The Complaints Process

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When a complaint has been made, the matter will be assigned to a senior GSA Manager who will establish communication with you to further understand what has occurred.

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Relevant matters will then be escalated to the CEO, or an alternate individual assigned to review the evidence provided, who will outline an action plan toward resolution. Once an outcome has been determined, you will be notified.

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Where a violation of the law is in question, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

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Get Skilled Access is committed to managing complaints in a timely fashion and will keep you updated throughout the process.


GSA values the privacy of all stakeholders. One way we do this is by requesting permission via a consent form when taking and using photographs of children and young people in GSA marketing materials. All stakeholders have the right to refusal without consequence.

Record Keeping

Get Skilled Access (GSA) understands the importance of protecting all client data, personal data and other company data defined as sensitive. All client data including complaint data is stored on a secure cloud-based content management system. GSA restricts access to confidential and sensitive data to protect it from being compromised or lost to avoid adversely impacting our clients and other relevant stakeholders.

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