Disability Awareness Training and Webinars

In-person sessions

There is nothing like walking in the shoes of someone else to understand what they require. We collaborate with you to create an in-person session that delivers powerful insights and learnings to your executives. GSA Associates with real life disability experience and expertise lead each session.

Their insights might well make you laugh. Maybe even shed a tear. Certainly, puzzle pieces fall into place. These sessions harness humour, emotion and interactivity to convey important messages. 

Targeted to your needs 

You’ll generally explore different disability and accessibility topics for 60 to 90 minutes. We work closely with you to understand what topics are most relevant to your goals, and design a session to meet those needs.

Popular topics include: Understanding Disability and Access, The Language of Disability, The Business Case for Accessibility and Universal Design, Misconceptions and Stereotypes, Unconscious Bias, Working with People with Disability and The Impact of Disability Inclusion and Why it Matters. 

A conversation to challenge and change

Our targeted sessions offer a safe space. We want participants to feel comfortable asking questions they might’ve been afraid to in the past.

That’s why our associates create an approachable atmosphere. You’re called in, not out. We firmly believe misconceptions can only be changed if we start the conversation in the first place.

Connect dots. Build trust. 

Targeted sessions have an empowering effect. They demonstrate an organisation’s dedication to disability and boost people’s disability inclusion confidence. During one corporate client session, an employee felt empowered enough to disclose the disability they’d kept to themselves for five years, right there and then. The impact for this individual and their team was significant as there was an immediate feeling of trust and confidence that they would be supported.

You can get anywhere from 20 to 200 people from your organisation involved in each session. They offer a flexible way to get everyone from senior leaders to management to front line staff together in one room. to discuss the importance of inclusion and how they can support each other to be more inclusive.

Designed to engage

GSA’s trademark fresh style makes these sessions highly engaging and welcoming. We harness real-life stories and interactive elements to draw participants in, and keep them with us throughout. 

Did it work? We’ll run pre and post-session engagement surveys to find out, and quantify disability attitudes and understanding, before and after.

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