Immersive Disability Awareness Training

Experience it. Understand it.

Sometimes, it’s good to get out of the boardroom to see what’s really happening. With an Immersive Experience, your Executive Team and senior leaders have an opportunity to explore what it feels like to be in your organisation if you have a disability, and uncover possible missed opportunities.  

Bring accessibility barriers to life

Your Executive Team and senior leaders shape the experience for your workplace, products, services and culture. Immersive Experiences invite your key decision-makers to explore what this interaction is like for people with disability.

You’ll team up with GSA Associates with real life disability experience to identify barriers and alternative accessible options.  

Clear, achievable ways forward

Your team will come away with actionable ways to be more inclusive. They’ll be out of their comfort zone in the most productive way possible. And afterwards, they’ll feel confident enough to make change.  

Sometimes you’ve got to see things from a different perspective to change your perspective. And this experience can’t help but open your eyes. 

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