Dylan Alcott wearing all black in his wheelchair smiling at the camera. Big bold text to the right says "Challenge your unconscious bias, negative perceptions and lift your expectations on what you think people with disability can do. Our founder, Dylan Alcott Australian of the year 2022."

Real life disability experience, delivered by real-life people with disability.

The GSA way

We call you into conversations; we don’t call you out. It’s hard to create behavioural and cultural change without an understanding of why it’s important. So we go beyond ‘compliance’ and ‘box-tick’. We roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.

We are experienced, responsive, professional and fun. Clients have said our collaborative, approachable style feels ‘like a breath of fresh air’ while making a real difference within organisations.
We know this space can appear overwhelming, so our advice is always realistic, achievable and actionable.

Our true insights from living with disability become your inclusion insights. They deepen your understanding to create sustainable change. Disability inclusion delivers results, from increased productivity to a significant impact on your profitability. 
What are you missing out on?

Ultimately, we want to improve accessibility and inclusion for anyone and everyone. 

What we do

Our expert consultants with real life disability experience work collaboratively to give organisations confidence to make better inclusive decisions. Ultimately, we want to improve accessibility and inclusion for anyone and everyone.

We work with large and small organisations across all industries. We’re purposeful and focused on helping our clients achieve their goals. With our holistic approach and professional and disability expertise, we’ll work within your budget to improve accessibility and inclusion across your organisation.

How we do it

With us, a person with a disability will always have a seat at the table. Our advice is grounded in experience, not presumptions for authentic disability insight.

Our services

The Get Skilled Access team sitting around tables discussing work

With an organisation as unique as yours, we’d love to hear about it. Give us a call to find the inclusive approach that’ll work best for you.

Case studies

medibank logo

Remove barriers for people with disability to better attract, recruit and retain employees at Medibank. And improve Medibank customer experience across all business touch points.

Ticketmaster Logo

Make live entertainment accessible for every fan.

australian institute for teaching and school leadership case study logo

Give teachers the support to encourage full participation from students with disability.

Our clients

Let’s start a

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