Disability Inclusion Action Plans (DIAP)

Time to hit the road

A Disability Inclusion Action Plan is your access and inclusion roadmap. Our focus goes beyond a ‘compliance’ approach to seek best practice dignity, equity and full inclusion solutions.

Lead by example

For a plan to be most effective, you’ll need to bring your leadership team on board from the get-go. Give your decision-makers a full understanding of the benefits disability inclusion can bring to your organisation, and change will be easier to action. 

We’ll work with each team to discover more about their department and identify inclusion opportunities to boost disability inclusion confidence. Our discovery sessions allow your team to create ideas, activate your plan, and feel heard and comfortable.

You’ll be set up for success

Achievable beats complex. Every time. As we’ll split the plan into clear and achievable short, medium and long term goals, you can make improvements straight off the bat. We’ll build your plan with momentum in mind, so you’ll continue seeing effective change. by achieving your inclusion goals.

It’s your plan, not ours

Shaped by our consultants with real lived experience of disability and your team, this plan is built by and for your organisation. You’ll own it. It’ll be embedded in your company’s DNA. And you’ll proudly celebrate its success.

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