Make live entertainment accessible for every fan.

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‘Thanks to Get Skilled Access, Live Nation and Ticketmaster have become industry leaders. We are amazed and very grateful for the progress we have made on behalf of our loyal fans. GSA are a trusted partner, and we look forward to their continued support throughout our accessibility and inclusion journey.’

Jackie Antas

Vice President Communications Asia Pacific at Live Nation Entertainment


We worked closely with Ticketmaster to move event ticketing online.

Through our partnership with Ticketmaster, we have consulted on accessibility initiatives to make live events accessible for every fan. We have worked with Ticketmaster and their venues and festivals provide accessibility and inclusivity to the event experience.


Ticketmaster sold their first-ever accessible tickets online in September 2019. An industry first, they sold more than 500 online tickets at 2020’s Australian Open. And now, more Ticketmaster venues and festivals are accessible and inclusive events. 18 Australian and New Zealand venues so far have the ability to sell accessible tickets to fans online. And counting…

The work doesn’t stop there. Ticketmaster has developed their Venue Accessibility Guide and Disability Inclusion Action Plan and will continue this work into the future.

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