Meet the team

Shaping the culture & attitude
towards accessibility & disability

Kelly Cartwright OAM

Gold Medalist - Athletics - Amputee

Brad Ness OAM

Gold Medalist - Wheelchair Basketball - Amputee

Chad Perris

Paralympic Medalist - Athletics - Albinism Causing Vision Impairment

Heath Davidson OAM

Gold Medalist - Wheelchair Tennis - Paraplegic

Jannik Blair

Paralympic Medalist - Wheelchair Basketball - Spinal Cord Injury

David Foren

Vision Impaired

Shelley Chaplin

Paralympic Medalist - Wheelchair Basketball - Spinal Cord Injury

Carol Cooke OAM

Gold Medalist - Para Cycling - Multiple Sclerosis

Our Process & Training Options

Lead your organisation in disability

& accessibility customer service

Imagine a staff so attuned to their customers, they can anticipate a question before it is even asked. At such a level, they’re no longer merely attendants. They’ve become your organisation’s accessibility experts: true customer service leaders in this space. That’s the aim of our core offering: a custom-built customer service-training course for government departments and organisations, designed to help your staff improve accessibility outcomes.

Strategic review

Sometimes it pays to have someone break accessibility down for you, and take you step-by-step through why it matters, and where small changes can have an outsized impact. That’s why GSA undertakes a detailed strategic review, to assist businesses and governments in redefining their approach to disability and accessibility customer service.

Customer service training

We all have different needs. So do businesses and government departments. And since there’s no such thing as one-size- fits-all approach, we’ve invested in creating our customised training solution around the requirements of a range of different sectors. We’re talking about a purpose-built customer service training course for governments and businesses, designed to help your staff improve accessibility outcomes.

Accredited courses

Education IS opportunity. 

That’s why GSA, in partnership with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) Lennox College (NSW) and XSEED (VIC), can offer a number of accredited courses. Through our RTO partners, government-assisted funding may be accessible depending on eligibility criteria, including:
  • Cert III in Individual Support
  • Cert III in Health Support Services
  • Cert IV in Disability
  • Cert IV in Human Resources
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Our Foundations

Get Skilled Access is committed to those
who share our values & beliefs

Australian Paralympic Committee

Many inspirational stories of success start off simply with ‘my life changed once I started playing sport’. That’s why GSA is a proud supporter and partner of the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC). Both Dylan Alcott and Nick Morris have enjoyed great life experiences through their Paralympic participation. Our partnership with the APC provides GSA Paralympians who deliver training and consulting.

GSA has committed to reserve percentage of revenue, payable to the APC for the continual growth of Paralympic Sport throughout Australia.

Dylan Alcott Foundation

The Dylan Alcott Foundation is a newly formed charitable organisation founded with the core purpose of helping young Australians with disabilities achieve their goals through financial support for eduction and sport. We recognise the importance of supporting those dedicated to the support of others.

As a result, a proportion of revenue from Get Skilled Access (GSA) will be delivered to the Dylan Alcott Foundation.

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