Expand your talent pool by using inclusive language in your job advertisement

Quick tip! if you want to target people with disability to apply for a role you include in your job description “all jobs can be worked flexibly, and we encourage job applications from people with disability.


Incorporate flexible interview methods by simply asking the candidate what adjustments they might need to highlight their strengths and capabilities in the interview process.

Quick tip! During the interview process, when you want to find out something about you’re able-bodied applicant, what do you do? You just ask them. Same goes for applicants with disability, as long as your questions are tactful and relevant.

Reasonable adjustments

When you offer a role to a candidate, ask what workplace adjustments, they need to succeed in their role.

Quick tip! To make the new employee feel included from the start have their reasonable adjustment ready from day one. Remember to check-in to see if the adjustments meet their requirements during their employment.


Inclusion is in everyone’s job description.

Quick tip! Like everyone else, people with disability want to feel included in the workplace, so don’t feel scared just say hello and start a conversation.

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