2.2 million Australians our working age have a disability, and we as organisations need to focus on employing more people with disability.

Studies have shown that they are 90 per cent more likely to be equal or more productive than people who are able-bodied in the workplace and the retention rate is 30 per cent more likely than an able-bodied person. When given a chance, people with disability perform, we as employers need to provide people with disability an opportunity.

There is an appetite for corporates and government investment in disability and Get Skilled Access unique approach identifies inclusion gaps through culture reviews and works closely with organisations to deliver a tailored package including objectives and deliverables. “We see a tangible change from the top down, disability is now a priority for organisations Diversity and Inclusion, but we have a long way to go”. – Dylan Alcott OAM

Inclusion works, people are10 x more likely to be highly productive than workers in non-inclusive teams, so get culturally inclusive and hire more people with disability in your organisation and see real tangible results!

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